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Arosha Natural Brush with Handle

Arosha Natural Brush with Handle

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Dry Peeling:
A very ancient technique that provides excellent results, and great benefits to the lymphatic system in just a few minutes a day by stimulating it, causing drainage, and energizing effects.
The bristles of this brush derive from a vegetable fiber called "Tampico" extracted from "Agave Lechuguilla", a succulent plant that grows spontaneously in the desert areas of Northern Mexico.

To be used a few minutes a day on dry skin before showering or applying body emulsions.

- Slow and light movements stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting the draining effect
- Short and fast movements to obtain a toning and energizing effect
- Slow but firm movements along the muscle bands to stretch the muscles and joints

LEGS: starting from the feet and working up to the groin area
ABDOMEN: downward circular movements in a clockwise direction
ARMS: starting from the wrist and working up to the armpits
BACK: movements perpendicular to the column from inside to outside
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